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 Date de prise de poste : 1 décembre 2022


genomique phage bacterie evolution microbiome


Engineer – bioinformatics

Location : Paris, France
Contract type : permanent & full time
Current team size : 9
Starting : ASAP

Phagos is on a mission to create a cleaner, more sustainable future by using bacteria’s natural predator, the bacteriophage, to win the fight against antibiotic-resistant diseases.

To make our vision a reality, we are looking for an excellent engineer in bioinformatics excited to join our dream team and bring Phagos to the next stage : our ambition is to become the first phage company to produce customised and evolutive solutions.

You will hold an important position within Phagos' R&D team and play a major role in the company’s fate and success. You will develop and execute innovative projects related to phage and bacterial genomics and coevolution. You will participate in broadening Phagos’ applications and research expertise.

If you are looking to get in at the start of something novel and world changing, we would love to chat ! 

Responsibilities : 

  • Perform end-to-end NGS data analysis (QC, processing, genome assembly, annotation, taxonomic and functional characterization) of various bulk and single-cell data sets
  • Support and develop innovative pipelines for data integration
  • Organize the analysis and storage of large in-house and public data sets
  • Maintain and organize analysis pipelines and packages developed in the lab

Requirements :

  • Master’s degree or equivalent in bioinformatics, computational biology, data science or related fields
  • Ability and willingness to work within a fast-paced, adaptive, collaborative environment
  • Demonstrated strong programming skills
  • Conceptual, technical background and interest in phage/bacterial genomics
  • Experience with statistical modeling and AI/ML tools is a plus
  • Self-starter and problem solver
  • Eagerness to play a major role in a new and fast-growing start-up company


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Date limite : None


Adèle James

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