Tenure Track · CR   Bac+8 / Doctorat, Grandes Écoles   Institut Curie · Paris (France)

 Date de prise de poste : 1 octobre 2023


genome biology genetics and epigenetics stability spatial-omics single-cell genetic perturbation


Institut Curie (https://institut-curie.org) comprises a world-class multidisciplinary research center combining research in cell biology, genetics, epigenetics, immunology, soft matter physics, organic and medicinal chemistry and a hospital. Highly international, it includes over 3,300 researchers, physicians, clinicians, technicians and administrative staff working on three sites: Paris, Orsay and Saint-Cloud. Its core facilities include advanced imaging technologies, high throughput sequencing, bioinformatics, and proteomics https://institut-curie.org/dispatch/curiecoretech-core-facilities) as well as access to large clinical databases and sample collections through the hospital. The Institute is engaged in international partnerships, including the EU-Life alliance (https://eu-life.eu/) and the LifeTime initiative (https://lifetime-initiative.eu/).

Institut Curie is supporting the recruitment of a junior group leader position on its research campus in Paris in the “Dynamics of Genetic information” unit (https://institut-curie.org/unit/umr3244). The five research groups of the unit investigate the mechanisms underlying the stability and the plasticity of genetic and epigenetic information in normal or pathological contexts of cancer. Using interdisciplinary approaches, they aim at developing an integrated view of the mechanisms controlling genetic integrity: using model cellular systems to organisms and up to the whole tumor, from single-molecule and single-cells approaches, in a collaborative synergy of basic and translational sciences.

We invite outstanding candidates wishing to address questions on the fundamental mechanisms of genome biology, as well as genetics and epigenetics stability, through preferentially spatial-omics approaches and single-cell genetic perturbation. We are looking for candidates with a strong expertise in cellular and molecular biology with a robust background in computational biology as well as ability to collaborate with clinicians. Selection of the candidates will be based on the outstanding quality of their scientific record and project, their capacity to interface with other teams in the unit and in the research center, and their strong collaborative spirit.

The newly recruited group will benefit from a start-up package from the Curie Research center and will be allocated a space adapted for 7 people. Successful candidates should meet criteria to compete for national and international funding, and for French institutional research positions (CNRS or University).


Institut Curie is an inclusive, equal opportunities employer and is dedicated to the highest standards of research integrity.


Procédure : Send full CV, motivation letter, 3-4 pages research plan and contact details of 3-5 individuals who can be contacted for recommendation letters. Short listed candidates will be invited to present their past achievements and future research program. Applications should be sent to: JPI2022.umr3244@curie.fr. For information please contact: Antonin Morillon: antonin.morillon@curie.fr, +33 156246515 Deadline for applications: December 30, 2022. Interviews scheduled in March 2023.

Date limite : 30 décembre 2022


Antonin Morillon


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