Bioinformatic Virologist

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 Date de prise de poste : 3 avril 2023


bioinformatique virologie immunologie


Who we are...

Ceva Santé Animale has been the fastest growing Top 10 veterinary health company since our creation in 1999. Our expertise centres on the two fields of pharmacology and biology, where we have dedicated teams that aim to meet the specific demands of the companion animal, poultry,

ruminant and swine sectors. We continually strive to find better solutions to existing and emerging diseases which will in turn improve animal health and productivity.

Ceva is a visible supporter of and contributor to various welfare and social programs all over the world.

Our global business operations are divided into five major zones: Western Europe, North America/Pacific, Latin America, Africa/Middle-East/Eastern Europe/Turkey and Asia.

We are directly present in 46 countries, have 13 research and development centres, 26 production sites and 6300 employees worldwide. The company is focused on the research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products and vaccines for companion animal, poultry, ruminant and swine.


What we offer

The Bioinformatics Virologist will contribute in the development of vaccines within the Bioinformatics development group, help select and deploy publicly available bioinformatics tools, help validate and write code for in-house bioinformatics tools, help analyze genomic and immunological data using computer tools, and, in the longer run work towards bringing AI methods into use.

The successful candidate will interact daily with external collaborators and with Ceva laboratory scientists and understand the intricacies of molecular virology and the host response to vaccination and viral infection. The daily tasks of the Bioinformatics Virologist will entail heavy data pipelines via commercially or publicly available bioinformatics tools and/or custom-made bioinformatics tools.

We are looking for passionate, self-motivated scientists, supported by a clear vision to take on high risk research ideas and move the field of bioinformatics and virology forward. We are open to applicants with expertise in the area of computational biology, assuming it is coupled with molecular virology or immunology knowledge/experience.

Programming experience is required, although advanced algorithm-level development mastering is not necessary, but the successful applicant must be willing to learn/teach and converse with data science-oriented scientists. Collaboration with and mentoring of junior scientists is expected.

  • Create novel bioinformatics tools for protein data analysis
  • Utilize current bioinformatics tools for protein data analysis
  • Build and improve upon bioinformatics pipelines for vaccine design
  • Train colleagues on bioinformatics tools
  • Improve biological data quality, classification, and annotation based on bioinformatic analysis, appropriate scientific literature, and direct communication with scientists
  • Design, implement, and maintain viral sequence and host immune response data and metadata standards and associated processes and solutions

It's a match if you...

  • Shape solutions out of complexity - Is open and curious of other’s perspectives
  • Client focus - Has in mind client's satisfaction
  • Collaborate with empathy - Has a positive attitude towards collaboration
  • Engage and develop - Clarifies short-term directions
  • Drive ambition and accountability - Proactively manages own and others work
  • Influence others - Communicates transparently


Technical / Functional Competencies:

Computer skills

o Computer languages - Python, R, JavaScript, Java or C/C++ (at least 2)

o Data analysis within those computer languages

o Write code, scripts, and implement algorithms

o Database manipulation and good practices on data governance

o Bioinformatic analyses using commercially or publicly available code/programs

o Automation with CI tools, Snakemake, or NextFlow

  • Advanced molecular biology principals
  • Basic grasp of machine learning (shallow or deep)
  • Ability to be trained in Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL)
  • Functional knowledge of animal infectious diseases
  • Good communication skills – both written and verbal



Education ‐ Masters or Ph.D. in Bioinformatics or Molecular Biology, Virology, Immunology with Bioinformatics, or comparable/related field; Post-Doctoral experience ‐ preferred


Work Experience ‐ 5+ years in bioinformatics or data science or development (Advanced degrees and post‐Doctoral experience can be counted as part of the work experience)


Travel Required:

This position will require ~20% time for business travel


Procédure : Please send your CV to

Date limite : 31 mars 2023



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