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 Date de prise de poste : 15 juin 2023


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Genetic researcher – bioinformaticians

About PueroVita and Intellectual Labs:

Intellectual Labs, along with its partners, envisioned a future where the intricate biology of the human body and the ever-increasing scientific knowledge coalesce to pioneer novel products and services. The aim is to significantly enhance health services, making them more effective, sustainable, and equitable. This vision is driven by the desire to significantly reduce human suffering, chronic diseases, and premature mortality.

In August, PueroVita emerged as a spin-off from IL. We are in the process of building a robust medical platform that provides clinicians with unique predictive data about their patients. This platform leverages a comprehensive blend of multiple omics and physiological biomarkers, enabling the most accurate risk predictions currently possible. This integration of multiple hallmarks of ageing with cutting-edge artificial intelligence positions us at the forefront of predictive healthcare. As our team transitions from prototype to viable product, we are seeking a bioinformatician and genetic researcher to catalyze our development.

As a valued member of our team, your responsibilities will include:

  • Guaranteeing the quality of our bioinformatics pipeline, from sequencing to clinical interpretation;

  • Taking part in the engineering of the product's core elements;

  • Actively contributing to the company's research objectives.

Level of Experience:

A Master's degree or PhD is required for this position.

Biological Knowledge:

  • Comprehensive understanding of current genetic science;

  • In-depth knowledge of epigenetics;

  • Experience in human research will be viewed favorably.

Computer Science Expertise:

  • Proficiency in Python;

  • Experience with multiprocessing, CUDA, and big data management;

  • Familiarity with genetic data formats (Fastq, bam, sam, vcf);

  • Proven experience in database management.

Other Relevant Skills:

  • Understanding of mathematics or statistics;

  • Familiarity with machine learning or simulation techniques.

Compensation Package: As an employee in our innovative company, you will receive an equity package along with a competitive salary. We operate on a standard 100% work hour basis, while prioritizing a healthy work-life balance. Detailed information about the compensation package and the company's roadmap will be presented to qualified candidates after the initial interview, under a Non-disclosure Agreement.


Valentin A. Normand:

+47 450 12 006

Office: Karenlyst allé 2, 0278 Oslo, Norway





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Date limite : 3 juillet 2023


Valentin A. Normand

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