Spatial characterization of the bone marrow vascular microenvironment

 Stage · Stage M2  · 6 mois    Bac+5 / Master   Cochin Institute - Leukemia and niche dynamics lab · Paris (France)  environ 550 euros/mois

 Date de prise de poste : 15 janvier 2024


"spatial transcriptomics" "multicolor microscopy" "image segmentation" "clustering"


Project: The use of tissue bioengineering represents a cutting-edge approach to improve our understanding of the intimate interplay between leukemia and vascular properties. We have developed several models of human bone marrow (BM) organoids and we aim at validating their ability to recapitulate the human tissue of origin. We will characterize the human BM vascular microenvironment via spatial transcriptomic to underpin specific cell-cell interactions important for tissue homeostasis as well as for hematopoietic support. The Master project will consist in first (1) analyzing spatial transcriptomics data obtained in the lab from human BM biopsies and human BM organoids to identify the specific transcriptomic signature of the vascular/perivascular niche, and second (2) in validating this classification in BM biopsies from healthy vs leukemic mice, to assess the ability of the leukemia to remodel tissue microenvironment.

Student profile and competences: The student will join a multidisciplinary team working on several aspects of tissue health and disease, with a combination of in vivo mouse research and organoid bioengineering. We are looking for a motivated student with a background in bio-informatics, engineering and life science. A software engineering background with coding skills in Python and R are mandatory. A knowledge of java as well as wet lab techniques would be a plus. Curiosity and flexibility will be important qualities to succeed in this field. A basic knowledge of English is mandatory. After the intership there will be the possibility to be enrolled in a CDD ingenieur contract in the team.

Supervision during the internship: The internship will start 15th Jan 2024 until the 15th July 2024. To accomplish the proposed work, the student will be directly supervised by the group leader Diana Passaro at Institut Cochin for the scientific aspects of the project, and by the Cochin HUB’IC (HUB Bioinformatique de l’Institut Cochin) which will provide office space, computers/servers as well as guidance over the computational aspects of the project.


Procédure : Please send CV and motivation letter to the email provided in the job offer

Date limite : 7 décembre 2023


Diana Passaro

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