Postdoc/engineer in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology

 CDD · Ingénieur autre  · 18 mois (renouvelable)    Bac+5 / Master   Centre de recherche en cancerologie de Lyon (CRC) equipe Fabrice Lavial · Lyon (France)  grilles salariales inserm

 Date de prise de poste : 1 novembre 2023


Bioinformatics, computational biology, RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, python, R


We are seeking a talented postdoctoral/engineer scientist with strong background in bioinformatics to explore the cellular trajectories of oncogenic transformation and reprogramming in vivo. We recently developed a series of cellular and mice models to conduct multi-omic comparative analyses (see publications):

The candidate will integrate a dynamic and stimulating environment at the cancer research center of Lyon (CRCL). He/she will work in direct collaboration with bioinformaticians within the team and at the bioinformatics department: .


- The candidate will have experience in omics data analysis (with diploma in bioinformatics or biology). He/she will be able to work with R software (CRAN/Bioconductor) and will be ideally familiar with another language like Bash or Python. A previous experience in analyzing high-throughput sequencing data (RNA-seq/ATAC) will be an asset, as well as knowledge for single cell data analyses.

- Autonomy and ability to drive the project

- Organization and team player

- Excellent communication and writing skills

- Fluency in English

Contract start date: flexible, between autumn 2023 and spring 2024.

Contract duration: 18 months, renewable. The funding is coming from the support of the Fondation Bettencourt Schueller and its Impulscience program. Candidates are expected to apply for independent fundings. Assistance will be provided during the application process.

Please submit CV, cover letter, concise description of past achievements and academic goals, and contact details for 2-3 referees. The positions will remain open until filled. We are reviewing applications as they are received. Therefore, candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.



Recent publications:

-A. Huyghe, G. Furlan, J. Schroeder, E. Cascales, A. Trajkova, M. Ruel, F. Stüder, M. Larcombe, Y. Bo Yang Sun, F. Mugnier, L. De Matteo, A. Baygin, J. Wang, Y. Yu, N. Rama, B. Gibert, J. Kielbassa, L. Tonon, P. Wajda, N. Gadot, M. Brevet, M. Siouda, P. Mulligan, R. Dante, P. Liu, H. Gronemeyer, M. Mendoza-Parra, J. M. Polo, F. Lavial. Comparative roadmaps of reprogramming and oncogenic transformation identify Bcl11b and Atoh8 as broad regulators of cellular plasticity. Nature Cell Biology 2022.

-A. Huyghe, G. Furlan, D. Ozmadenci, C. Galonska, J. Charlton, X. Gaume, N. Combémorel, C. Riemenschneider, N. Allègre, J. Zhang, P. Wajda, N. Rama, P. Vieugué, I. Durand, M. Brevet, N. Gadot, T. Imhof, B. J. Merrill, M. Koch, P. Mehlen, C. Chazaud, A. Meissner, F. Lavial. Netrin-1 promotes naive pluripotency through Neo1 and Unc5b co-regulation of Wnt and MAPK signalling. Nature Cell Biology 2020.

-A. Huyghe, A. trajkova, F. Lavial. Cellular plasticity in reprogramming, rejuvenation and tumorigenesis: a pioneer TF perspective. Trends in Cell Biology ​​2023.

-G. Furlan, A. Huyghe, N. Combémorel and F. Lavial. Molecular versatility during pluripotency progression. Nature Communications 2023


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