PhD positions: Deciphering Transcription Factors' DNA Binding in Plants

 CDD · Thèse  · 36 mois    Bac+5 / Master   LPCV · Grenoble (France)


transcription factors, gene expression, plants, crops, genetic variation


Two Fully-Funded PhD Positions in Bioinformatics: Deciphering Transcription Factors' DNA Binding in Plants

About Us: Join our dynamic research team within the Flo_Re (Floral Regulators) group at the Laboratoire de Physiologie Cellulaire et Végétale (LPCV), located at CEA Grenoble, France. The Flo_Re team specializes in studying the developmental program leading to flower formation, with a specific focus on the function and evolutionary history of key regulators, predominantly transcription factors (TFs).

PhD Journey: Embark on a captivating PhD journey focused on unraveling the intricate world of gene regulation in plants. You'll delve into TF-TF-DNA complexes, decode the DNA binding modes of plant transcription factors, and unveil genetic variants influencing phenotypic traits in crops. Your work will advance our understanding of the regulatory code that shapes gene expression.

Research Approach: Our approach involves harnessing available genomic data (ChIP-seq, DAP-seq, WGS, RNA-seq, MNase-seq, BS-seq) for plants and employing cutting-edge machine/deep learning techniques. You will comprehensively study transcription factors encoded in plant genomes, model their DNA binding behaviors individually or in complex arrangements, and explore how trans and cis genetic variations impact TF-DNA binding and its correlation with gene expression and phenotype. Applicants are encouraged to develop their own research topics within this exciting field.

Collaborative Opportunities: The successful candidate will have the chance to collaborate with machine learning experts both in Grenoble and Kyoto.

Candidate Profile:

  • Proficiency in general bioinformatics and statistics for biology.
  • Programming skills in bash, Python, or R.
  • Prior experience with machine learning packages like caret or scikit-learn would be a valuable asset.
  • A strong Master's degree in a relevant field (bioinformatics, computer science, or related subjects).
  • Knowledge or a strong interest in plant science and gene expression regulation.
  • Excellent proficiency in English (both oral and written).
  • Strong writing skills.


Procédure : Application Details: We will consider applications until the positions are filled. One position is available for an immediate start, while the second will commence on October 1, 2024, or a few months later. Practical Information: • The PhD positions come with a 36-month contract, offering a gross salary of approximately 2100 euros. • You will be supervised by: • Romain BLANC-MATHIEU (CEA Researcher-Engineer) • François PARCY (CNRS Research Director and Head of the Flo_Re team) Application Process: After an initial informal discussion, applicants should submit the following documents: • Degree transcripts and certificates (along with translations, if applicable). • A concise research proposal (maximum 2 pages). • A comprehensive CV and cover letter outlining your background, suitability for the PhD program, and research interests (maximum 2 pages). • Two recommendation letters. For informal inquiries and application submissions, please contact Romain Blanc-Mathieu at

Date limite : 1 mars 2024



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