Development of a workflow for processing lipidomic unbiaised data.

 Stage · Stage M2  · 6 mois    Bac+5 / Master   Plateau MetaToul-Lipidomique, I2MC-Inserm U1297-UPS, Hopital Rangueil, 31432 Toulouse · Toulouse (France)


lipidomic workflow bioinformatics


Lipids are essential cellular constituents that have many critical roles in cellular functions. They
are involved in energy storage, cell signaling as second messengers, and are major constituents
of cell plasma membranes including lipid rafts (Simons and Toomre 2000). Their crucial role is
highlighted by their involvement in a large number of heterogeneous diseases such as cancer,
diabetes, neurological disorders and inherited metabolic diseases (Wenk 2005; Lamari et al.
2013). Abnormal concentrations of lipids are especially observed in various neurological
disorders, including neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases
and neurometabolic disorders (Han et al. 2002; Adibhatla et al. 2006; Colsch et al. 2008; Ariga et
al. 2008; Haughey et al. 2010).
In our lipidomic facilitiy, by combining liquid chromatography to high resolution mass
spectrometry, we have developped a unbiased method that lead to the identification of lipid
profil. This generation of large dataset need statistical and informatic skill to be analysed.
In this intership, the student will have mainly to develop a method to process unbiased lipidomic
data obtained on a high resolution system through different informatics tools. Initially, the various
software packages available will be evaluated and then the most suitable will be optimised to
offer a new service on Metatoul_Lipidomique. The student will benefit from a dynamic
environment rich in bioinformatics expertise at the MetaToul facility (https://mth-
The student must be an analyst with a strong interest in bioinformatics tools or be a computer
scientist with a desire to discover the exciting world of metabolomics!
Contact person to apply :
Justine Bertrand-Michel,
Tel : 06 71 68 16 50


Procédure : Contact person to apply : Justine Bertrand-Michel, Tel : 06 71 68 16 50

Date limite : None


Justine Bertrand-Michel

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