Internship in Bioinformatics

 Stage · Stage M2  · 6 mois    Bac+5 / Master   Spatial-Cell-ID, École normale supérieure de Lyon @IGFL · Lyon (France)


SpatialTranscriptomics SingleCellOmics Bioinformatics R Python BiologicalDataAnalysis


JOB DESCRIPTION: We are looking for a highly motivated M2 student to join the Data Analysis team. As an intern with us, the student will work alongside experienced researchers and contribute to our ongoing research projects, exploring the power of bioinformatics applied to real biological data, by using computational resources and working on developing new tools by using Python/R. Several projects are possible to be discussed with the student, depending on the experience and interests.


CONTEXT: Spatial-Cell-ID is a consortium of teams funded by the French “EquipEx+” excellence initiative and led by the École Normale Supérieure of Lyon (ENSL). The consortium aims to study cellular identity and its spatial heterogeneity within tissues, organs, or biological systems in normal and pathological contexts, through very recent developments in spatial transcriptomics.
Spatial-Cell-ID hosts a comprehensive selection of technologies, including single-cell transcriptomics (10x Genomics), untargeted spatial transcriptomics (e.g., Slide-seq), and targeted spatial transcriptomics (e.g., MERFISH), associating state-of-the-art technological platforms of the University of Lyon.


Procédure : Applications should include a CV and cover letter, to be sent to Sergio Sarnataro ( For further information please contact the same address.

Date limite : None


Sergio Sarnataro

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