Post-doctoral researcher in omics data computational analyses

 CDD · Postdoc  · 24 mois (renouvelable)    Bac+8 / Doctorat, Grandes Écoles   Laboratoire Reproduction et développement des plantes, École normale supérieure de Lyon · Lyon (France)  Selon expérience

 Date de prise de poste : 1 mai 2024


Single-cell omics plant biology hormone signaling


Post-Doctoral researcher in omics data computational analyses

About the job

  A post-doctoral researcher position (fixed term of 2 years with possibility of extension up to 4 years; salary according to experience) is available at the Plant Reproduction and Development (RDP) laboratory (ENS Lyon, France), in the context of the recently granted ERC project TEMPO (“How plant cells set the tempo of rhythmic shoot construction”).

  The ERC project TEMPO, headed by Teva Vernoux, aims to combine cutting-edge live-imaging, synthetic biology and computational modeling with optogenetics and single-cell genomics to explore how temporal information provided by the plant hormone auxin controls the temporality of organ initiation and acts across scales to regulate rhythmicity of  organogenesis at the shoot apical meristem.
  The researcher to be employed will focus on computational analyses of genomics and single cell omics data generated in the project and contribute to design experimental plans to explore functionally how auxin temporal information drives transcriptional states at single cell resolution during organogenesis in the shoot. The project will require to establish and maintain strong scientific interactions with the other persons that will be working on the TEMPO project, as well as with external collaborators.

  The scientist to be employed will join the SIGNAL group in the RDP laboratory. The RDP laboratory is a world-leading research center with eight research groups working on plant development and quantitative biology. The SIGNAL group and the laboratory offer a highly stimulating international and interdisciplinary environment with expertise ranging from molecular genetics, genomics, cell biology to biophysics, mathematics and computational modeling. The laboratory is located in the ENS de Lyon elite University in the vibrant city of Lyon in the south of France.

Required skills

  We are seeking outstanding and highly-motivated candidates. They must hold a PhD degree, have a strong interest in genomics and a strong background in computer science, bioinformatics and biostatistics, with preferably a solid experience in single cell/single nucleus omics analyses.
  Experience in performing single cell omics experiments will be considered a plus.
  Candidates will also have excellent communication skills (talks and publications), be creative, organized and able to work independently. They will have a proven ability to solve pro-actively scientific problems, to critically discuss experimental results and hypotheses. They will be team players, eager to collaborate and to contribute to joint projects with colleagues with different scientific backgrounds and notably with biologists.
  Proficiency in English is required.


Starting date can be as soon as May 1st 2024 but is flexible.


Procédure : To apply, please send to and as a single pdf file: a CV, a motivation letter explaining your interest in and qualification for the position, and the contact details of 2-3 references.

Date limite : 1 avril 2024


Jérémy Just <>, Teva Vernoux <>

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