Structural Biology Data Scientist

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 Date de prise de poste : 11 avril 2024


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Structural Biology Data Scientist

Dive into the future of healthcare, where you'll play a crucial role in revolutionizing genomic medicine with AI and leave a lasting impact for generations to come.

WhiteLab Genomics was founded with the belief that life-saving drugs should be accessible to all patients in need. United in our vision, we’ve become a part of Y Combinator, French Tech 2030, Future 40 by Station F, and we’ve been recognized by The Galien Foundation (”Best Startup” category), among other institutions at the forefront of technology. Today, we strive to become the leading expert in A.I. for genomic medicine, operating as the go-to partner for research and development.

Our Data Science Team accelerates discoveries in genomic medicine through advanced machine learning and graph knowledge technology. We specialize in analyzing exhaustive datasets to provide in-silico simulations for discovering and optimizing payloads and vectors. On the other hand, our Structural Biology Team elucidates intricate molecular structures essential for genomic therapies, providing valuable insights into target identification, protein-ligand interactions, and structural optimization. Using cutting-edge techniques and computational methods, we investigate the three-dimensional structures of biological molecules. Our teams work together to provide strategies and solutions in gene therapy, RNA therapy, and cell therapy.

In this transversal role, you will be integral to the development of algorithms and data pipelines, crucial for driving our innovative projects forward. Leveraging your technical skill set, analytical mind, and research expertise, you’ll shape new approaches to molecular modeling and design. Your contributions will help reduce the development time of genomic medicines and ultimately enable more solutions for patients in need– not only will you advance our mission, but you’ll also help us shape the future of genomic medicine.

Our Core Values:

We Believe that Care is Everything.

We Value our Collective Potential

We Cultivate Proactive Communication, Clarity and Respect

We Have a Can-Do Attitude

We Strive for Excellence

Here’s How You’ll Make an Impact...

  • You’ll design and execute new models for WhiteLab Genomics’ projects, including contributing to the development of our cell & gene therapy platform by using classical and/or deep learning biology tools and extensive biological databases for tasks such as protein design and molecular modelling
  • You’ll participate in various scientific projects related to gene therapies, while working on development and knowledge extraction from our databases
  • You’ll collaborate with our engineers to conduct rigorous data analysis and statistical modeling, ensuring clear and efficient communication of results internally and externally
  • You’ll stay up-to-date on the latest developments in both biology and machine learning for structural biology and relevant applications
  • You’ll write high-quality, maintainable, and modular code with concise documentation
  • You’ll monitor emerging technologies and trends, assessing their viability and potential integration into our platform and operations

We’re Eager to Meet You If…

  • You have a Ph.D in Data Science, Structural Biology, Genomics, Computational Chemistry or another relevant area or Master's Degree in Structural Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Computational Biology, or another relevant area, plus applied experience
  • You have at least 1 year of industry or postdoctoral experience in AI applied to drug design, structural prediction for proteins, protein language models, peptide modeling, mutation effects analysis, protein-protein interaction modelling, or biophysical problems, like protein folding.
  • You have extensive experience in Machine Learning and Deep Learning - reinforcement learning would be a plus.
  • You’re proficient in Python, Bash, or R along with standard graph machine learning libraries (e.g., PyTorchG, GDL, Spektral, Tensorflow GNN)
  • You have knowledge and/or experience with AlphaFold, RosettaFold and protein structure predictions algorithms
  • You possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to convey complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • You have honed your interpersonal skills, which gives you the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams
  • You are fluent in English. Proficiency in French is a plus!
  • Familiarity with docking software (e.g., Glide, Vina, Haddock) would be a plus as well.


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Date limite : 13 avril 2024


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