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 CDD · Ingénieur autre  · 12 mois (renouvelable)    Bac+5 / Master   Plateforme de métabolomique et lipidomique BIOMET, Unité C2VN · marseille (France)  2348.69 net mensuel

 Date de prise de poste : 28 mai 2024


statistical modelling, python programming, multi-omics, open access tool, human health


The C2VN unit (Centre CardioVasculaire et Nutrition), situated at the faculté de médecine La Timone in Marseille, is a partner in the European funded project JPI ERA-NET “INTEGRACTIV,” led by the Foundation Health Research Institute of the Balearic Islands, Spain. Our collaborators include the Spanish partner, University Wageningen (NL), and University Prague (Czech Republic).

The project aims to promote physical activity among young individuals who are overweight in order to enhance weight reduction and overall health. In addition to conventional biochemistry and physiological measurements, we conduct transcriptomics, epigenetics (miRNA), and metabolomics on a cohort of overweight males and females, comparing the results with those from normal-weight individuals (body mass index ranging from 20 to 25).

Within the C2VN, the BIOMET platform has developed a statistical modeling system that enables the segmentation of all regulatory aspects within a biological system, based on multi-block analyses. This system facilitates the creation of graphical representations and networks, encompassing the metabolome, transcriptome, potentially the proteome, and the clinicome (collection of clinical biological measurements).

Job description

The position is currently available within the BIOMET Platform at C2VN, led by Jean-Charles Martin. We are actively seeking a post-PhD OR graduate engineer or graduate master 2 candidate with a strong background in statistics applied to omics and multi-omics technologies. Proficiency in programming (Python) and familiarity with R scripts or equivalent tools are essential.

In this role, you will be tasked with refining and optimizing our existing pipeline while adding your unique expertise. Your experience and creativity are highly valued, particularly in enhancing our efficiency in handling complex and diverse datasets.

A secondary objective is to develop a freely accessible tool for the broader scientific community. We anticipate publishing the tool online and ensuring compatibility with a Galaxy-type environment ( Additionally, integration with data formats used and produced by the online platform ( is crucial, through our partnership with Franck Giacomoni from INRAE Clermont Ferrand and the Metabohub infrastructure.


If you are a dedicated researcher with a passion for driving innovation in this field, we strongly encourage you to apply for this exciting position.

Job requirements

The candidate should have:

  • PhD in (bio) statistics with a background on omics dataset
  • Programming skills in Python and R
  • A solid experimental or computational background, a publication record, and excellent communication skills in English.



We offer

The position is open for one year, with a possibility to continue according to the skills of the candidate.

Salary according to experience

A position in the sunniest city in France (300 days a year), with fabulous seashores and neighborhoods (the Alpes are nearby) and an exciting living environment (80000 students, many museums, concert halls all year long, and…. The mythic velodrome stadium).

Marseille is connected to all cities in Europe and the world through the international airport and the TGV train station.

A work environment where we strive to ensure that you find enjoyment in your tasks is one of our primary objectives.

Your contact

send your CV to, phone +33 7 77 23 00 34

Localisation : Plateforme de métabolomique et lipidomique BIOMET, 27 bvd Jean Moulin, fac médecine La Timone, 13385 Marseille


Procédure : Please send you CV to A reply will be sent systematically and if your proposal sounds good, I will propose a video interview

Date limite : None


jean-charles martin

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